An Exhibition
of the webs
lost past

The Grand Arcade
26th July to
3rd September

Surf the web like it's 1995!

Media obsolescence, failing hardware and the transient nature of websites mean the early years of the web are in danger of disappearing entirely. Catch it while you can!

  • Browse the very first website from 1991
  • Search the web on Archie, the first search engine
  • Enjoy the very first web comic
  • Order a pizza on the first transactional website
  • See the first animated website

ASCII-ng for Trouble!

Before computers had graphic capabilities, creative souls made images from the 95 printable characters on the keyboard.

  • Cows
  • Emoticons
  • Dot matrix printers
  • Take home your own ASCII portrait

Raspberry Pi

  • Learn basic programming using Raspberry Pi
  • Workshops open to all ages and abilities
  • Come and give it a try!

Quentin Stafford-Fraser

Inventor of the webcam

The first webcam was created in 1991 in Cambridge University's Computer Department.

  • Browse the original website
  • See a recreation of the Coffee Cam
  • Watch an interview with Quentin

The Centre for Computing History

Based in Cambridge, The Centre for Computing History makes the history of computing relevant and fun for all ages!

  • Hands-on exhibition
  • Coding workshops by Raspberry Pi
  • Films and talks

Pay us a visit

64 Bits is a Centre for Computing History project.

The Grand Arcade
St Andrew's St